Old Pine Churchyard
Eugene Ormandy In-Ho Oh Charley Brainerd Jared Ingersoll Charles Petitt William Hurry George Duffield Daniel McKaraher John Steele Rev. Thomas Brainerd William Shippen

Eugene Ormandy

Eugene Ormandy

Eugene Ormandy (1899-1985) was a conductor and violinist who served as the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra for 44 years.Learn More

In-Ho Oh

In Ho Oh

In-Ho Oh’s memory remains a timeless instruction…to turn sorrow into Christian purpose. And that’s exactly the path his Korean parents followed…halfway around the world. Learn More

Charley Brainerd

Our Charley

Charley, the son of Rev. Thomas Brainerd, was “a lovely little boy of five years” who died on May 20, 1849.  Learn More

Jared Ingersoll

Jared Ingersoll

Jared Ingersoll was a delegate from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress. He is one of seven Presbyterians who signed the U. S. Constitution.  Learn More

Charles Petitt

Charles Petitt

Made aide to Gov. William Franklin while serving as a Lt. Col. in N.J. Militia, Charles Petitt became New Jersey’s first Secretary of State. Learn More

William Hurry

On July 8, 1776, William Hurry rang the State House bell for an hour…summoning hundreds of curious to hear the Declaration of Independence publicly read for the first time. Learn More

George Duffield

An important figure in the American Revolutionary War, Reverend George Duffield holds a special place in the history of the Presbyterian Church and in our nation’s early beginning.  Learn More

Daniel McKaraher

Daniel McKaraher

Around 1799, Daniel McKaraher and Susanna Hammill built the tavern which we know today as The Twisted Tail on 2nd Street. They are both buried in the Old Pine churchyard. Learn More

John Steele

Among John Steele’s (1758-1827) many accomplishments was his military service during the American Revolution. United in life
in death not divided, he is buried with his wife Abigail.Learn More

Rev. Thomas Brainerd

Old Pine’s minister Thomas Brainerd was a patriot during the Civil War when thousands of Union troops mustered in Philadelphia. Learn More

William Shippen

Dr. William Shippen, Jr. left a legacy of medical expertise as wide-ranging as it was influential; doctor; lecturer; professor; medical pioneer. Learn More