Preserving the Church of the Patriots

Preserving the Church of the Patriots

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Ronn Shaffer

In Memory of Ronn Shaffer

Known to many for the countless hours he spent researching more than 4,000 bodies buried at the Old Pine graveyard, Ronn was a historian, a one-man band and a real gentleman. We have lost a good friend.

The Graveyard

The Graveyard beckons people to stop, rest, read a book, eat an apple, walk a dog, or reflect on the past. It’s a place where descendants come to walk in an ancestor’s footsteps. It’s a place where photographers and artists are inspired by Old Pine’s stories, the beauty of the intimate urban landscape, and the hospitality of the community.

George Duffield

Sculpture of George Duffield

In 2015, sculptor Roger Wing carved a statue of George Duffield out of a tree trunk. Duffield served Old Pine as minister during the Revolutionary War. Wing spent approximately one month carving Duffield’s likeness into the tree. He exploited the natural curve of the trunk to portray Duffield leaning forward, encouraging and preaching — much as he did in life.

Eugene Ormandy

Ode to Ormandy

Tucked away at Old Pine Graveyard is an iron fence enclosed memorial to world famous maestro Eugene Ormandy, longtime Music Director of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Each May 15th, the Ormandy’s wedding anniversary is commemorated with the placement of twelve red roses on their gravestone.