Honoring our Veterans 2019

Sharing Our Stories

Church historian and member Ronn Shaffer died in March 2019. Ronn spent countless hours researching the names and developing the stories of the people buried here.  We thank him for his extraordinary service and hope to continue his legacy.

Lore of the Liberty Bell

On July 8, 1776, William Hurry rang the State House bell for an hour…summoning hundreds of curious to hear the Declaration of Independence publicly read for the first time.

Jared Ingersoll

Jared Ingersoll was a delegate from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress. He is one of seven Presbyterians who signed the U. S. Constitution.

Charles Pettit

Charles Pettit

Made aide to Gov. William Franklin while serving as a Lt. Col. in N.J. Militia, Charles Pettit became New Jersey’s first Secretary of State.

In-Ho Oh Remembered

In-Ho Oh’s memory remains a timeless instruction…to turn sorrow into Christian purpose. And that’s exactly the path his Korean parents followed…halfway around the world.

Daniel McKaraher

Daniel McKaraher

Around 1799, Daniel and Susanna McKaraher built the tavern which we know today as The Twisted Tail on 2nd Street. They are both buried in the Old Pine churchyard.

Our Charley

Our Charley

Walking through the tranquil churchyard at 4th and Pine Streets one day, I looked down at a small flat white stone simply said: “Our Charley.”I wondered: Was this a child? A pet? Who was it?

Self-Guided Tours

The churchyard is open for self-guided tours daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (weather permitting).  Walk around the churchyard and read the text panels that tell personal stories about many of the people buried here.

Ronn Shaffer

In Memory of Ronn Shaffer

Known to many for the countless hours he spent researching more than 4,000 bodies buried at the Old Pine graveyard, Ronn was a historian, a one-man band and a real gentleman. We have lost a good friend.

George Duffield

Sculpture of George Duffield

In 2015, sculptor Roger Wing carved a statue of George Duffield out of a tree trunk. Duffield served Old Pine as minister during the Revolutionary War.

Eugene Ormandy

Ode to Ormandy

Tucked away at Old Pine is an iron fence enclosed memorial to world famous maestro Eugene Ormandy. Every May 15th, we commemorate the Ormandy’s wedding anniversary by placing twelve red roses on their gravestone.