Do you have a Presbyterian ancestor buried at Old Pine Street Church Graveyard? That’s a possibility if your family traces its roots through Philadelphia between 1764 and the 1860s.

Here’s What You Should Know

The First and Third Presbyterian Churches shared burial privileges at Pine Street from 1764 until the 1790s when the graveyard neared capacity and otherwise amicable relationships were fractured over a minister hired by The Third Church. Each church was forced to purchase separate lots adjoining the south and west boundaries of the 1764 graveyard.

By the 1800s, First Church sold their Bank Street burial ground and reinterred 900 bodies (with gravestones) to their west-side lot fronting on Pine Street. Later, they reinterred 1400 bodies (no gravestones) to a mass grave at the newly opened suburban Laurel Hill Cemetery. First Church continued burials in their west lot until the 1860s when they abandoned the property.

In the 1950s, the Philadelphia Presbytery deeded the property to the Third Church. Old Pine Conservancy does not maintain records for the Second, Fourth or other succeeding Presbyterian Churches.

Third Presbyterian Church Burials

Brainerd, Charley Brainerd, Thomas Duffield, George Hurry, William Ingersoll, Elizabeth Ingersoll, Jared McKaraher, Daniel Oh, In Ho Ormandy, Eugene Ormandy, Margaret Pettit, Charles Pettit, Sarah Shippen, William Steele, Abigail (Bailey) Steele, John